777 N.S. Amoranto corner Sto. Domingo Avenue, Barangay Sienna, Quezon City

Tronix Contact Number(s):

+632 413-2776, +632 743-9094, +632 749-8477


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Authorized Service Center of 3D, Camel, Hanabishi, LG, Nikon, Panasonic.


  1. Tess Tirona says:

    I have been following up on my samsung 43″ plasma tv which i asked tronix at sm center pasig to fix. Unfortunately i made the decision not to continue as the estimated cost of repaIr
    Was almost the same as a brand new one. I paid for the initial diagnosis fee of 700. It has been three months now and they have not returned my TV. We have been following them up almost everyday but we continue to get the same reply- that they will call us when its ready for pick up. Neither do they reply to my text messages. What is my recourse now to get back my TV? Should i now go and file a consumer complaint with DTI? I have a ready buyer for that tv and he has been waiting to get it too. 3 months now!! I hope you can do something about this.

  2. Angel a. Mabbayad says:

    Meron po na kayo LCD ng Sony Bravia “40 inches? If yes, how much?

  3. Buddy says:

    Do you repair dowell electric fan?,,tnx

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