A.C. Cortes Cambaro, Mandaue City, Cebu

Panasonic Contact Number(s):

+6332 345-1378, +6332 345-4051

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Authorized Service Center of Panasonic.


  1. Mayen Artajo Batobato says:

    HI do you repair vintage Panasonic Stereo SE – 151 stereo?

  2. micaki says:

    Good Day!! mam/sir.. mo reprogram ba mo panasonic pbx?

  3. Rey Loremia says:

    Good am. I want my Panasonic ref to be repaired. Can you pick up this in our house at Consolacion Cebu? How much is the payment for pick-up.

  4. floreal says:

    hi i just wana ask if can i buy or you can repair .the door of my frezer its broke, my ref, is now 2 yrs tnx hoping for ur rply asap

  5. evelyn perez says:

    Hi i bought my ref less than a year ago, i cleaned my ref and turn it off and when i turn it back on, the power wont turn on. this happened twice already and i called for service before the technician come i try to plug and its on again. This is digital ref with you control on the door of the ref of its coldness. I dont know if this is good idea that i bought this ref. my refrigerator last in years in this early im having this problem already. I need help here.

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