I Sampaloc Highway, Pala-pala, Dasmariñas, Cavite

LGSC-Cavite Contact Number(s):

+6346 973-2155, +6346 973-2154 (Fax)

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Authorized Service Center of La Germania.


  1. JD says:

    I was scheduled today for the service however there was no service reference, which I am so doubtful about them coming over for my request. I wish they have better service of doing this, and it should start from the emails request and their response as well.

  2. michelle azul says:

    ang dami kong alam na may reklamo sa stove fittings nila, ang liit kasi tapos nakahiwalay kaya walain talaga tapos walang mabilihan na iba, ang hirap din puntahan ng service center nila kasi ang layo tapos ang aga mag close..

    • Jeannette says:

      pangit ang service ng cavite service center

      • Jeannette says:

        I don’t like their receptionist named Kim who actually blame me when my phone signal is erratic. I already told them ahead of time the day before that I cannot go to the area immediately so I need to be told ahead so I can zoom to the area. We had our conversation at 10:30am then they want me to be at the area at 12noon. Which is impossible coz I’ll be coming from far opposite direction. They refuse to reschedule the other week they want on the other month instead. I seek help from San Pablo service center and I talked to Carlo who patiently assisted and reschedule it a week after.

        I shall say la germania is not a nice product the service is not good

  3. Butch Pesebre says:

    August 24, 2016

    Its true I keep on calling the specified number to call for to address my concern and it keeps on ringing. Wow, with the complaints already existing, La Germania Phils should look on these regarding their accredited service centers.

  4. pk says:

    because they are always doing inventory??????he he he that is always what the security guard says when I go there, what a lame excuse, you can still sell parts or do service even if you are doing inventory.Good thing you are not my employees or you will pounding the sidewalks looking for another job he he he

  5. Shirley Arquisola says:

    I keep on calling you in your phone landline nobody answering the phone.. why what kind of service do you have? Lagermania gastove is out of order I want to bring it your service office and yet when I called up in your office nobody answering the phone..

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